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Mushroom & Swiss burger


Bacon Cheeseburger


Avocado Cheeseburger


Chili & cheese burger


Ortega chile & cheese burger


Jalapeno Cheeseburger

Patty melt on rye


All burgers are served with a choice of French fries, soup, cottage cheese, fruit, potato salad, OR salad. 

Hot Stuff

Hot Turkey - turkey, mashed potatoes, bread, & gravy

Hot Beef - beef, mashed potatoes, bread, & gravy

Fish & Chips

Small Portion

Cheeseburger & fries

Hot dog & fries

Grilled cheese & fries

Fish (1) & Chips

Half a tuna, turkey, ham, or beef sandwich with fries

Peanut butter & jelly with fruit

Chicken strips (2) & fries

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